Sunday, 21 October 2012

New Hangout place @ Scape Underground

Feeling bored and not sure where you can go? Why not explore the newly opened SCAPE underground? I personally feel bored at times and often have to think of where to go.. bugis street? Orchard? BUT... BUT.. 

SCAPE Underground launched which is a new retail space for young entrepreneurs to develop their business.  If I'm not wrong, there are about 37 stalls currently.

Say 'YAH' to another new hangout place [: 

Let's check out this newly air-conditioned place. 
Signs for the different stalls which looks like the road sign outside. I pretty like it [: 

Bangles, Studs for you?

If not clothes, bags, accessories and more 

Wanted to dress up your pets? You can dropby here and pick a suitable one for it [: 

Orchard Link
Singapore 237978

* It's just beside Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. 

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