Sunday, 21 October 2012

Malaysia Boleh: Authentic Best Street Food

Malaysia Boleh is an additional eating place @ Jurong Point Level 3 with many Famous and Authentic Malaysia foods. Out of curiosity, my family decided to dine in at here BUT be mindful especially during weekends, there will be throngs of people streaming in waiting for seats. Therefore, I would suggest to come during weekdays if you dislike crowded places. This place  brings back customers back to olden 50's with wooden chairs n tables, drinks using mug, decorated with old lamp and etc. 

Food stalls name
As what I had observed, 'KL Hokkien Mee', 'Penang Prawn Noodles' and 'Claypot Chicken rice' are the popular ones based on the no. of people queuing up !

People are slowly streaming in to get their seats [: Around 10 minutes, we finally gotten a seat. HORRAY! As there were too many people, we did not bother to queue for those popular stalls. Shall try it next time then.

I would like to give a praise to this Chicken Curry noodles. The curry was 'thick', 'fragrant' and 'spicy' which I personally like it alot. 
Cost: $4

Beef noodle Soup. They added in 'Zhu You' (Direct translat: Pig Oil) which gives the soup based a strong taste of it : /
Cost: $3.50

This is the mug that I had mentioned earlier. If I'm not wrong it is Longan with Red Dates drink [:
Cost: $1 (Small mug) 

I will definitely be back one day and bring along beau to have a try :D 

Malaysia Boleh @JP2
Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648886

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