Monday, 1 October 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival @ Marina Bay Sands

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone ! How's you guys celebration? Mine was great with my family [: We had a simple home-cooked meal together and ended with a nice walking session @ Marina Bay Sands. Why do I said so? Because we did not hold any lantern nor eat any moon cake, we just simply walked and sight around what's happening at there :D 

There are quite a number of booths with games, foods, phototaking which you can purchase a booklet @ 53 bucks that is worth $100. Overall, crowds was still manageable which you don't need to squeeze like mad especially during chinese new year at Chinatown.  

Walking down the road ~~

My brother in the middle  :D 

Some booths just outside Marina Bay Sand 


Serious kids designing their masks 

Cute panda eating on it's bamboo 

Gdnite (: 

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