Thursday, 11 October 2012

Masks our BFF

Facing lots of Stress recently? Fatigue? A 15 minute facial mask is a must for you to freshen up and it is the most convenient skin care partner as well. 

 Free Giveaway of Masks for the Ladies :D 

Product 1: Facial Water Vita -B (Gel Mask)
Facial Water Vita-B (Gel Mask) image 1

A gel type mask that instantly fills thirsty skin with deep hydrating energy of Vita B complex and Alaska glacier water. 
[Vita B Complex Story] This complex delivers rich yet non-greasy hydration with effective ingredients from vitamin B-enriched cabbage, broccoli, cerlery and asparagus. 
[Akasja Glacier Water Story] Alaska is on initial source of water covered with over 20,000 year old glaciers. 

Product 2: Omija Whitening Mask Sheet 

It is a mask sheet that brightens skin using a patent- awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects. Its made of a medicinal herb complex of Omija, White Mulberry Bark and Licorice Root.

If you like to have any 1 of the mask for free.
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*Most importantly, Free to your doorstep 
* I will tweet you back in a week time if you are the lucky winner :D 

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