Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dine in at Kazokutei (Junction 8)

An advance birthday celebration for my brother @ Kazokutei (Junction 8) with le family. There are quite a varieties of foods to choose from. However, I feel that their arrangement of the food items in the menu is slightly messy which makes me feel slightly perplexed :/ Nevertheless, I would like to comment their service. POLITE AND FRIENDLY! Basically, this restaurant serves different Japanese cuisine but their specialty is UDON. 

A peak at the birthday boy 'struggling' to choose what he want to enjoy with. As he was pretty hungry with only Milo for the day! Yumm, Yumm ~ 

The environment was quite 'OK' for me. 

TATA~ Here's my Prawn omu. This dish includes fries, egg, rice, soup and 2 tempura. You may be wondering where is the rice? 
It is actually hidden inside the egg ; nice, sticky, tomato rice with chicken. For me, the soup is slightly salty but overall I do like this dish [: 

Cost: S$8.90 ($2 off for lunch set**)

Next up, Sushi + Udon + Chicken (G2) . According from my mother, their soup along with the udon taste awesome. Sushi was not bad but the orangey colour sushi that I tried was alittle hard though :C 

Cost: S$14.90

This set was ordered by my father and brother (: Similar set from my dish just that there is an addition of pork cutlet.

Cost: S$ 25.80 for 2  

Lastly, Sf Kim Nabe (N4) to be shared among the 4 of us. There are clams, scallops, kimchi and udon. I personally like the taste of this soup - sour and a tinge of spicyness. 

Cost: S$13.90

9 Bishan Place
#02-34/35 Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6259 6698

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