Sunday, 7 October 2012


This happened quite sometime ago with my family at City Square Mall. As most of the places we had explored, my father initiated to go City Square Mall since it is a new place to all of us :D This shopping mall is quite quiet and not as lively as the other shopping mall. After exploring, we decided to hunt for sumptuous feast. As I'm quite a sweet-tooth lover, I got caught from the fondue at MOMIJI JAPANESE BUFFET. Without hesitation, we all agreed to go in. 

TATA~ Let's explore what inside. 

Oh yes! This is what makes me so attracted to settle my dinner at here. 

Some sushi? As I'm not a fan of sashimi or salmon, I will always take my favourite crabmeat/ jellyfish sushi [:

Cooked food which include meats, vegetables and more. 

There are also cold dishes like snow crab, sashimi, salad, prawns 

You can even have some hotplates or soup along ~~

Desserts after dinner is a MUST !

My brother and I . 

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant (City Square Mall)
180 Kitchener Road, #05-04/06
Singapore 208539

For more details on the price lists:

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