Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Feel the Arts - 2012 National Chinese Music Competition(华乐)

Definitely a very enriching and nostalgic experience from the 2012 National Chinese Music Competition and a BIG thanks to National Arts Council , Singapore Chinese Orchestra and omy.sg for inviting me to view one of the preliminary competition (Combined Instrumental Category) on 2nd December 2012.

By listening to the 3 groups performed by Jing Ying Chamber Orchestra, Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra and Toa Payoh West Community Club Jing Ying Chinese Orchestra, memories of me performing on stage for Singapore Youth Festive (SFY) flashes back. 

It's definitely a great CCA for me back then, Chinese Orchestra provides me a platform to know more about Chinese music and culture as well as building up the teamwork skills. I chose 'PiPa' as my instrument as I found it pretty cool when my senior put on their fake nails to play it (: 

Today, Chinese Orchestra is different from the past, it includes Western instruments such as the Cello and double bass as well as vibraphone and triangle. Other than that, there are many of the Chinese instruments being modified such as the diyinsheng (Large bass sheng) and Zhongyin (suona) which is fitted with keys. 

Typically, Chinese Orchestra consists of four main sections. The 4 main sections include: 

1. Bowed Strings 
2. Plucked Strings
3. Woodwinds
4. Percussion

National Chinese Music Competition returns for its 8th edition this year, and will be running from 27 November to 9 December 2012.  It is a platform that aims in developing the performing skills of young musicians, improve music standards and identifying promising new talents. 

In encouraging competitors to push their musical skills to another level, different renowned practitioners from Singapore and around the world will be there to be the panel. 

And I'm sure all of the performing groups that I've seen did it, I can feel the energetic in them and also their enjoyment towards performing :D I'm also greatly impressed that some of them can simply performed on the stage with no music score at all. *How I wish I can be so talented like that ~ 

Three other bloggers who attended the event with me. 

Wanna attend 2012 National Chinese Music Competition?

Then you should come down with me on Sunday, 9 December 2012 @ 8pm to enjoy a spectacular showcase of the nation's finest talents in Chinese instrumental music. The venue will be at Singapore Conference Hall and ticket price at $10 available from SISTIC

*Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong will also be there to present the competition's top prizes that evening.

If not,you are feel free to come down for the free admission on Mon (3 dec) to Friday (7 dec) to view on the Final Round of the competition. 

Apart from judging the competition, there will also be a series of Masterclasses conducting from international adjudicators for competitors. The tickets are available at SISTIC

Stay tuned on my next post about the Prize Winners' Concert which will be graced by PM Lee Hsien Loong (:

For more information, visit the National Arts Council Website at www.nac.gov.sg/ncmc. 

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