Sunday, 25 November 2012

Occasion - Pretty Dresses

You will probably seen me more in dresses whenever I'm out as I find it very easy to dress up for any occasions be it for a birthday party, shopping in town or any other formal event. 

And Today, all thanks to Maybeline invites, I had the privileged to try out all amazing and pretty dresses from OCCASION. It's definitely useful to have a dress as it is very easy to wear and match it to any events.  With that said, OCCASION is for sure as they offer stunning dresses and you will not need to stress out finding the perfect dress anymore.

Short and long dresses available is S, M, L and XL and all short dresses are at 
$88 and long dresses are between $138- $168. 

With packages available for short dresses ($88) only in:
4 Dresses @ $278 (Each dress at $69.50)
6 Dresses @ $398 (Each Dress at $66.35)
8 Dresses @ $498 (Each Dress at $62.25)

What do I like about OCCASION ?
1. Their dresses are very comfy and they offer all kind of designs that are appropriate for party, prom night, D&D, ROM or even dresses for bridesmaid's. 

The range of dresses they have. 

What piqued my interest the most was the chiffon dresses because of its material and colours, which basically makes me feel so comfortable wearing it. 

TRUST ME ! you will be spoilt by all the choices. Thus, it is quite a daunting task to pick the best ones. 


With Maybeline :D

The white one?

After trying about 3-4 dresses, my final decision to bring home with me is this design. However for this particular designs, there are 6 colours total. Pink, Baby Blue, Yellow, Mint, Beige and slightly darker pink colour. 

In the end.. I chosen the Baby Blue colour :D 
Thanks le boyf for the sponsored too. 

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