Friday, 21 December 2012

Mini Christmas dinner at Sushi Tei with

Having a yummylicious dinner with on Thursday at Sushi Tei (Paragon) to celebrate an advance Christmas. 'Nom, Nom', definitely will be back again and share the amazing dishes that I had tried to my friends.

Sushi Tei is a Japanese Restaurant that offered wide varieties of sushi, noodles, rice, salads which will definitely arouse your taste buds. Besides having those authentic Japanese cuisine, they also offer creative dishes which illustrate the emerging influence of Asia on modern Japanese cuisine. 

The friendly greeting from the staffs and cozy environment are the ones that left me with great impression once I stepped into the restaurant. The food that I love the most there was Kani Mental Mayo Roll. Scroll down and I will tell you why. 

While waiting for the foods to arrive ... 

Without further ado, let's move on to the foods .... 

First dish: Sashimi Salad ($9)

This generous serving of sashimi Salad comes with 3 different dressings and  sesame dressing is my preferred choice as I feel that it has a very unique taste. However, as I dislike eating raw fish, the only choice that I left with was the greens :D 

Sashimi Moriwase - Asama ($30)

In my mind I thought another 'SASHIMI' again? HAHAHA. 
However, this dish received many great compliments from the other bloggers who loves sashimi (especially yellowtail). Therefore, I suggest that you should order it if you're one of the great fan of it :D 

Kani Mentai Mayo Roll ($8) **My favourite !! 

This is a deep-fried crab meat sushi with mentai mayo slathered in generous portion as well as fried carrots sprinkled on top. The savoury taste of the crab meat and mayo that lingers in my mouth together with the slightly crispy carrots are the ones that makes me feel like eating it again. *winks.

Asari Butter ($14)

If you know me, I'm the sort of person who will avoid eating raw fish, clams, oysters and etc due to a  bad experience I had. However, I decided to give it a try and bravely put it into my mouth and it turns out to be quite acceptable. No bloody/ awful/ strong taste. I guessed it must be the great chef who sauteed it (fresh Asari Clams) with butter and soya sauce to overcome it. 

Hanaski Ika Tempura ($6) 

It's definitely a great snacks that I can munch on it. 
BEWARE, It's quite addictive :D 

Homemade Meat Gyoza ($6)

Golden brown Homemade Pork and Chicken Dumplings! 

Kaisen Chankonabe ($28) 

Traditional sumo hot pot with seafood and assorted vegetable (yellow- tail, scallop, salmon, prawn)
Choice of Soup base: Shoyu, Miso , Spicy. 

Golden Roll ($16)

Golden roll, great combination with the Ebi Roe and Mango Slices. I'm sure you have no regret trying this too :D 

And LASTLY which everyone are waiting for ..... DESSERTS ~ 

Burp ! Once again, thanks and Sushi Tei for this wonderful dinner :D 

Sushi tei 
290 Orchard Road 
#05-04/05 Paragon
Singapore 238859

Tel: +65 6235 1771

Opening Hours:
11.30am to 10.00pm daily


  1. omg, no guys at all on that night ...

  2. Aiyo, you so fast blog already, "spoil market" sia, I haven't even upload the photos >.<

    Susan here! *waves* drop by to say HELLO ^.^

  3. Hello Kelvin, yupp all girls for that night except Alvin :D

  4. Hey Susan Wong.

    HAHAHA. Waiting for your blogpost (: