Monday, 17 December 2012


In about 2 more weeks time, 2013 is coming. Have you planned where to celebrate your count down this year? I remembered my celebration for last year is at Waterfront Park. What about yours? 

Why not make it special this year and celebrate your New Year's Eve at The Float @ Marina Bay as inSing have 2 pairs of tickets (worth $50 in total) to give away ! There will be a great line of performance performing on stage:D 

Read on and check out how you can get a chance to win the tickets ~

inSing takes you to…Celebrate 2013!

How to Win:
1. Solve the Crossword Puzzle! Fit the names of 10 featured artistes from Celebrate 2013 into the respective columns and rows based on the given clues!
2. Clues are provided in this format, ‘Photo X of 10’.
3. The photos of the 10 featured artistes are in the Celebrate 2013 photo gallery with each picture captioned with ‘Photo X of 10’ in the grey description box.
4. You will have to match the clues by viewing through Celebrate 2013 photo gallery to get the answers.
5. You may visit the Celebrate 2013 article to double check the spellings of the artistes.
6. Once you have found all answers to complete the crossword puzzle, submit your answers along with your particulars into the entry form below.
You can log in to : to solve the puzzle.
TRUST ME ! It's super easy :D 
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