Sunday, 16 December 2012


So this time round where did we dine in for our dinner? 


It is a restaurant that dedicated to Penang street food and as my boyf heard from many media talking about this great restaurant, we decided to give it a try (: They offers range of different authentic Penang Hawker food such as local side dishes, noodles, rice and more... 

After flipping through the menu, we decided to order

Left: Gurney Iced Teh ($2.50), Right: Gurney Hot Kopi ($1.50)

Penang Curry Mee with Seafood ($8.90)

A combination of yellow and bee-hoon cooked noodles in smooth chicken curry. Surprisingly, this curry noodles soup is very smooth as it is not those very thick kind which makes me feel less fattening :)  They are also very thoughtful as their soup is not very spicy thus if you prefer spicier you can just mixed the chilli they provided into the soup. 


Gurney Belacan Fried Rice ($8.90)

A delicious meal which you have to mix up the ingredients together with the Belacan :D However, after a few mouthful, you will feel slightly salty :X 

Next up ! 

Penang Lor Bak ($4.50)

Succulent Pork seasoned with spices rolled up with beancurd skin together with Fried Tofu. Remember to dip in to their sweet sauce and chilli sauce. 

Causeway Point1 Woodlands Square,
Singapore 738099

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