Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Feel the Arts - Prize Winners' Concert and Prize Presentation Ceremony 2012

Prize Winners' Concert and Prize Presentation Ceremony for this year National Chinese Music Competition was held on 9th December 2012. Are you there as well? 

By the way, do check out my post on Feel the Arts - 2012 National Chinese Music Competition if you want to know more about Chinese Orchestra. 

After 11 days of intense competition from 389 musicians, ranging from 8 to 28 years old, showing their musical skills on instruments such as gu zheng (Chinese zither), di zi (Chinese flute) and pipa (Chinese lute), the National Arts Council is pleased to announce the winners of 2012 National Chinese Music Competition.The top three winners of each category received trophies and cash prizes ranging from $200 to $4500.  

It was definitely a stunning performance held on Sunday (9th December 2012) together with my beau and all other bloggers as well : D

Emcee for the day ! 

Three Winners of the Open Category in collaboration with Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) showcasing a rousing performance on that night. 

First Prize Dizi Open Category - Len Ming Hui (Photo credits to National Arts Council). 

First Prize Er Hu Open Category - Chew Jun Ru 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

First Prize Zhongruan Open Category - Chia Wei Jian 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

After the intermission, It's prize presentation Ceremony !! 

The 11 Judges for National Chinese Music Competition. 

The Junior Category

The Youth Category

The Open Category 

After the Prize Presentation Ceremony, it's now the Second- half of the performance. 

Chen Xinyu who won the first prize in PIPA Junior Category is only at the age of 8 years old. Was once a PIPA player before and knowing that PIPA is not that light at all, therefore I'm greatly impressed by this young and talented girl who can hold it so firmly and able to produce such a wonderful music. 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

1st Prize, Suona Youth Category - Lee Wen Di 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

First Prize, Yangqin Youth Category - Koh Cheng Jin 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

First Prize GuZheng Youth Category - Nicholas Quek Wei Sheng 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

And lastly to end the night with these young and enthusiastic 1st Prize, Percussion Ensemble Category 
(Photo credits to National Arts Council)

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