WHAT A SPREAD ! That's my first thought when the food served to us. 

Had a chance to go to THE PERANAKAN restaurant located at Claymore Connect for food tasting last week. I was pretty excited because Peranakan food is pretty rare in Singapore and if you happened to see it, they mostly serve fusion food and not the traditional kind. 

As you can see from the picture above, the dish is known as Tok Panjang ("Tok" means table in Hokkien and "Panjang" means long in Malay)- refering to a long table of feast that is usually prepared for special guests or occasion

Before I begin sharing their food, let us look at their interior design.... 

As you can see the overall presentation of the restaurant showcase the Peranakan heritage. I just feel that they really make an effort to design the whole restaurant. 

Snacks (Hae Bee Hiam: Spicy dried shrimp) are served individually before the main. The snack is really good and I can't stop eating because it's totally not oily at all. This is because after deep fry, they simply add another step to bake it to reduce the oil.

The Peranakan Pot of Melacca Milk Tea - a good start to enjoy this thick silky smooth milk tea with the snack (Hae Bee Hiam). 

Before eating the Tok Panjang set, Bak Wan Kepiting and Itek Tim were served to us. Out of the 2 choices , I will very much prefer to Bak Wan Kepiting (Crabmeat ball soup). The soup contains huge meatballs packed full of meaty goodness made from crab, pork and prawn in a rich clear both with bamboo shoots. Executive chef Raymond told us that the soup is cloudy at first and in order to get this clear broth they required to strain for several times.

And here you go .. our  Tok Panjang set which comprises of LKY set for $90++ set and WKW set for $130. One set for 2 person sharing. 

LKY Set comprises of : 
1. Soup : Bak Wan Kepiting or Itek Tim
2. Kueh Pai Tee 
3. Nasi Ulam 
4. Prawn Ngoh Hiang
5. Ikan Goreng Sambal Tau Cheo
6. Ikan Goreng w/ kichap Manis
7. Ayam Buah Keluah
8. Satay Babi
9. Beef Rendang
10. Chap Chye
11. Chef's Dessert Platter 
12. Coffee /Tea 

WKW Set comprises of : 
(In addition to the above)
1. Sambal Udang
2. Sotong Masak Asam
3. Ayam Goreng Ketumbar 
4. Terung Chinchalok
5  Durian Pengat

Magnified some of the food picture under Tok Panjang set as shown below: 

Nasi Ulam - salad rice at room temperature. This is a traditional dish of rice mixed with raw herbs, vegetables. One mouthful of Nasi Ulam in my mouth I can already feel the aromatic and freshness of the herbs flavour. According to Chef Khoo, the herbs are tossed with the rice at room temperature is to retain the original flavour of the herbs. This is because the herbs are finely chopped and if the rice is too hot it will then alter the entire flavour and may become bitter. 

Chap Chye - It comprises of crunchy cabbage, mushroom and tang hoon.

Satay Babi - This dish takes more than an hour to cook such a tender and succulent meat. The sweetness of this dish is not sugar sweetness but actually from the rendering of pork belly fat. 

Prawn Ngoh Hiang - This is quite different from the Chinese version that we used to eat. However, the Ngoh Hiang is very fragrant and fried well with exterior being crispy and juicy in the inside. 

Not forgetting the Durian Pengat that we have been waiting for... 

The durian is good. It is rich, smooth and have a slight bitter sweetness aftertaste. You can enjoy this  all year round. 

Not forgetting the pineapple tart , I definitely enjoy it because the sweetness of the filling is just right. Do take note: Enjoy the pineapple tart before indulge on the durian. 

There are 2 different dessert served cooked by glutinous rice with blue pea flower. Right at the front - Glutinous rice with blue pea flower with mixed of glua melaka and coconut shavings. As for the second one is the combination with durian. Love the 2 different combination :) 

Overall, I really enjoy myself that night. To be honest, their service is superb and the environment is perfect.As Peranakan food contains many different herbs and spices as well as large amount of time to prepare the dish out, the price of the food will be slightly expensive as compared with the other cuisine. 

The Peranakan
442 Orchard Road 
#02-01 Claymore Connect @ Orchard Hotel
Singapore 238879
Nearest Mrt: Orchard station

Tel: +65 6262 4428 
Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00


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