Time flies ..... about 1 month from our wedding.  I can finally release this big rock of mine . Phew ! As there any many people asking me what to prepare before for my wedding , I then decided to write a post to share to everyone of our planning.

I would also like to use this chance to thanks all the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen. Without you guys to help, the wedding will not be that perfect.



Some of them might not require to choose an auspicious day and they will just pick the simple by choosing anniversary date , birthday of either parties or just a random Saturday/ Sunday since most of the people do not work during the weekends. 

As for us, we use a simple app by keying out birthday and time of birth to see which date will be best for marriage by choosing the months we want. You just have to key --> Chinese Wedding date or best is to seek parents help to pick a good date. We used the app and then decided on 16 Dec 2017, however my husband might have something on during December we then chose another date and settled on 30 July 2017 (Saturday).


Once you settled with the date, do look for a venue because popular dates such as 9 September (representing everlasting love) can be quite popular. Recommended to book within 9 to 12 months. 

After much thinking, husband and I decided to settle on restaurant instead of hotel because we don't intend to spend a bomb and we also know our limit after settling with our new house. We chose Qian Xi Restaurant. The manager in-charge is very friendly and happy to work with. 

Qian Xi (Bliss Garden Restaurant)
1 Expo Drive, #02-03 Singapore Expo, 486150


We had our pre-wedding photoshoot package signed 2 years ago during a roadshow at Jurong point. Without much research , we decided to sign a package to Taiwan (approx $3900) comprises of 5 gown, 2 suits, free 2 hotel stays , 50 photos and etc.

The reason why I was kind of regret because they are actually based in Taiwan which means the gown that I wore will not be able to use for my actual wedding day. I will have to spend extra money to source for it. Therefore, I would highly recommend to take those package that include pre-wedding as well as actual wedding day to save cost.

Overall, I did enjoy the shoot as the photographer will instruct us on how to pose. I am also highly impressed of their service.


Before one day of wedding, I then completed the guest list seating because there will be bound to have people with last minute changes. I started to plan our my seating arrangement once I receive confirmation from my friends and consulted both our parents .

For myself, I used Excel sheet to organize the seating arrangement as shown above.


I bought rose soap from EZBUY with the price of $0.56 per soap. There are purple and pink colour. I heard from people that Malaysia are also selling very cheap as well.
You can join Facebook Group "Budget Brides (Singapore)" --> This group will share with you on the decorations , tips and also what to look out for.

Link: https://ezbuy.sg/product/buyforme.html?url=https%3a%2f%2fdetail.tmall.com%2fitem.htm%3fid%3d37706342911&src=10006


Instead of the common photo booth where you can see during the wedding , why not take you event to another level ,with the first GIF printing photo booth. My guests are really egg-cited and happy to enjoy with their loved ones and friends because they never try it before.

What you need to do is to move and prints are also GIF.

Ubersnap (Singapore)
Link: http://ubersnap.com/
Contact: +65 9012 8537
Blog Link: http://rygohxx.blogspot.sg/2017/08/memories-made-alive-with-ubersnap.html
I'm so proud of myself because I did the wedding flow by myself using Microsoft word and later sent it to my Groomsmen and Bridesmaid.

What is needed :
1. Groom's and Bride's contact number and address
2. Important contact - photographer, groomsmen , bridesmaid , photo booth in charge
3. Timeline for Morning and evening - PIC , action to be taken and time
4. Checklist - A list of checklist to make sure nothing is missing especially the couples are moving around.

** If you require a sample , you can email me to get one.


I've bought some of the wedding decorations from Ezbuy such as the flower petal, I love You decoration, lights and etc...

Items from Ezbuy: 
LED lights ball flashing lights           : https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000005372929.html
Decorative European style Birdcage  : https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000000080114.html
White colour candles                          : https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000002933070.html 
Rose petal                                           : https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000005236144.html                         / https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000003197499.html
Chalk board                                         : https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000000957303.html


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