7 HDB Renovations Under $30,000 That Look Like Million-Dollar Homes

Source: Home and Decor
We understand how hard it is to achieve your dream home look, especially when you are on a tight budget. Getting a home renovation done under $30,000 might sound like an impossible challenge, but hey, anything is possible! Read on and be awed by some of these beautiful HDB home renovations done under $30,000!

1. Scandinavian
Source: Zidane Design Associates
Total cost: $25,000
We love how clean and spacious this space looks with the use of simple furnishings, ample natural lighting and white walls. The home decor is kept to its minimum to allow for ample sunlight. The simple white walls of the space is well elevated with chic furnishings like the light coloured wooden television console. The bar top dining counter also serves as a working table for the owners. The use of oversized furnishings like a plush sofa and rug helps to create a cosy and inviting environment.

2. Industrial Chic
Source:Home; Decor
Total cost: $25,000
This whole space is filled with industrial chic goodness! Unlike the usual dull looking industrial themed apartments, this apartment is tastefully decorated with a wide range of mismatched furnishings of vibrant colour and also rows of hanging light bulbs. The elongated chalkboard décor of the kitchen and red lamp shades acts as a fun element and helps to liven up the whole space.

3. Modern Chic
Source:Home & Decor
Total cost: Under $30,000
This apartment looks like an apartment from the movies! The clean, white spaces are well defined by black glass frames which also adds a modern and chic touch to the space. We love how the owner had customized the bed platform with built-in storage spaces to fully utilize the space. Talk about space saving!

4. Bachelor Pad
Source:Home & Decor
Total cost: $30,000
Who says that a bachelor pad must be of a dark colour palette? We love how the owner had chose to jump onto the industrial chic bandwagon and decorated his own personal paradise to his liking. To make the apartment look more spacious, black frame glass panels are used to divide the bedroom from the living and kitchen space, instead of solid walls. One of the rooms were also knocked down to make space for a bigger bedroom.

5. Classic
Source:The Upper Room Design Studio
Total cost: $25, 000
This apartment will make you feel like you are living in a palace! With luxurious looking furnishings coupled along with chandeliers and royal drapes, there's nothing NOT to love about this space. Who knew that a $25,000 renovation can make a home feel so luxurious?

6. Contemporary
Source:Space Factor
Total cost: $30, 000
Contemporary interior is all about what's trending now. We love how the owner had managed to combine Scandinavian design and rustic interior together with furnishings of muted colours and two walls of different finishing to make the space stand out.

7. Country Vibes

Source:Renozone Interior Design House
Total cost: $25,000
Colours and textures are a great way to make your space stand out. This apartment gives off a laid-back country side vibes by using textures like wooden planks and brick walls of contrasting tones. The splash of cobalt blue used in the living room also adds a refreshing twist to the space.

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