Tuesday, 15 August 2017


IMPACT MINTS has been around in Asia for many years. If you are a sweet tooth person, this will not be unfamiliar to you. About 2 weeks ago, I've the privileged to join the media event at Bread Yard to know more about their products.

There are total 5 flavours such as Blackcurrant(purple in colour), Fresh mint (black in colour), Strawberry (red in colour), Peach (pink in colour) and the latest addition - Mango (Yellow in colour). 

When I entered into Bread Yard, I got so excited because colours attracted me as you can seen above. The lovely cupcakes and macaroons are with different colour to suit the theme of the IMPACT MINTS packaging. They are also very creative by sprinkled some of the chopped mints on top of the macaroons. To add on, the drinks provided are also with their blended with the sweets. 

On that night, I got to enjoy a nice dinner while they presented about IMPACT MINTS.

After the dinner, we had a surprised activities. The ingredients provided on the table for us to make our own parfait. We had a fun time creating our own mixture by carefully placing it on the glass bottles provided. 

IMPACT MINTS (Retail Price: $2.60/100g each) 

IMPACT Mints can be found in selected NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant,
 Sheng Shiong, SPC, Caltex 7- Eleven & Cheers outlets. 

For more information: www.impactmints.com

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