Tuesday, 18 June 2013

LollyTalk at Plaza Singapura

Firstly I would like to thanks 'LollyTalk' for inviting me over to their outlet. As I take my first step through the entrance, I was enthralled by their brightly themed colours in the shop. Not forgetting, their vibrant sweets colours as well.

LollyTalk located at Plaza Singapura B2-20. Soaring to a greater heights , they  are constantly improving and creating new flavours to bring out the best to every customers. In addition, they also provide customisation for various coporate events, weddings as well as parties. 

Keep reading as you will get to find out more about their pre-launch new flavours!

A little background:
LollyTalk homegrown candy makers are trained by two award winning Australian Rock Candy Masters Ross and Judy who won many awards such as Gold medal for fruit rock mix during 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Award as well as owning the title of Grand Champion Rock Candy. Ross and Judy are the authentic 2nd generation candy makers which makes LollyTalk as the authentic 3rd generation candy maker. In addition, they are also the first rock candy maker in Singapore to have such a adorable mascot which is known as 'Rocky'.

What can you find in LollyTalk?

1. Wide varieties of flavours

Over at LollyTalk, I'm sure you will be beaming with joy as you can see wide varieties of choices. In addition, some particular designs have up to 3 different colours and flavours for the customer to choose from. How thoughtful are they! 

2. Free card / Nice packaging

Simply purchase any bottles from the shelf and you will get a free small card which would be good if you are giving someone as a gift (: Look! Look! Look at the big bottles, you can also request to doll your bottle up.

3. Fun for both children and adults 

I'm not sure if you have observed the store design in LollyTalk store that sweets and candies not only place on the shelf that would only be reachable for older kids or adults, the candies are also within the eye-level for small kids too. This will allow the small kids to make their own choice happily without struggling to check what's available. Both adults and children will be able to shop what they want (:

4. Acquired Taste Collection

There are total six newly launched flavours exclusive in LollyTalk. In addition, there will be two new flavours to be added in the family as well. All the Acquired taste Collection candies are kept and placed in bottles to maintain it's quality. The 50g bottle is costing at $4.90.

Honey Lemon
Made with natural honey and natural lemon extract that can soothes your throat. Great combination of Honey and Lemon is definitely a wonderful treat. 

Pulm Guava
Guava with plum powder and you can also experience real bits of plum. A sweet and slight sour taste that makes me want to 'pop' more into my mouth. 

Menthol Grape 
If you want something that is cooling and refreshing, I would suggest you to try Menthol Grape. It's a minty fruity candy!

Chilli Lime
If you are someone who like to explore all the different exotic flavours. Chilli Lime might be the one you are looking for. LollyTalk uses natural lime extract and chilli padi extract. To me, I still can accept the spicy level as I'm a lover of spicy food :D 

Menthol Honey Lemon
Made with real honey and natural lemon extract. Menthol Honey Lemon has quite a strong peppermint taste. Similar to Menthol Grape, the taste is something like Vicks' Vapodrops when you slowly enjoy it. Thus, I feel that this fruity yet cooling sensation candies might be a good solution for blocked nose.

Spicy Mango 
Another spicy variety ! Go over to LollyTalk and try this unique 'Spicy' Mango. 
It's sweet in the beginning and ended up with a slightly spicy taste. 


1. 2 new Fruity Flavours 
Apple Cranberry 

Mango Peaches 

These 2 new flavours are definitely a MUST try candies. 
A really good combination !

2. Super Sour Lemon Level 4

If you want something that perks you up, you should try their sour sweets. At LollyTalk, there are three different levels of sourness to suit your taste buds. Are you up for the challenge? Guess WHAT? They might be launching Level 4 Super Sour Lemon. 

3. Refill Packs in 50g

Feeling happy with my LollyTalk sweets :D Refill packs will be launching soon and it will bring so much convenient to the customers as they will not need to buy bottles and bottles. You can simply purchase this aluminium coated refill packs and put it in your empty glass bottles. 

Can you guess which is my favourite candy?
Ans: Pulm Guava
I really like the Plum Guava flavour (sweet with a little sour taste) which makes me crave for more!! *YUMM. As a whole, I had a great time at LollyTalk, sampling all different kinds of flavours. Besides that,  I'm also feeling honoured to be one of the first few to try out their upcoming candies.

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68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura B2-20
Phone:6883 1569

Thanks for reading!

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