A new gadget (Sports MP3 Player) from boyf

Boyf decided to buy for himself and me a sports MP3 player (NWZ-W273)and so we can just simply wear it and run together easily. 

AND NOW, I'm putting all the songs into my MP3 :D 

Boyf gotten himself the blue one and of course mine would be the pink one.

Simply love it! 

4GB W Series MP3 Walkman 

- Stylish colours, wireless and wearable design
- Waterproof
- Light weight and comfortable and secured fit for intense workout
- Drag and drop function
- 8 Hour Battery life with 3 minute Quick Charge for 60 minutes playback.

Overall, I really like the stylish colours they offers - white , black , pink and blue. It's definitely much more convenient to put on with this while you are running as compared with the long wire earpiece. The sound system was really great as well. 

Want to know more about this product, you can simply log in to: http://www.sony.com.sg/product/nwz-w27


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