Du Du Dessert @ Chinatown

I love desserts and desserts make me happy ! No matter how full I am, I will still have space for you (: 
Sometime ago, I was invited for a food tasting at Du Du Dessert at Chinatown. 

Nestled in a shop house on 20 Trengganu Street, #01-01 G, 嘟嘟甜品 Dudu Dessert is quite a small dessert shop that serves an extensive desserts. However, a pity that some of the desserts that we wanted are unavailable. The desserts are priced reasonable around $5 and they even serves fruit juices and pancakes as well. 

You can choose to enjoy your dessert either indoor (air-con) or outside (w/o air con). Due to the hot weather, we decided to enjoy our desserts indoor instead :D Although, the shop is pretty small , I like the fact that it's pretty cozy to seat in and also a good place to chill out with friends. 

First up were some drinks to quest our thirst. Both Watermelon and Kiwi juice were really refreshing while the 'Cool Coconut and Mango Blend' was quite a special drink with a strong coconut taste with a tinge of mango flavour. However, I would recommend Watermelon and Kiwi juice instead. 

Mango Mini Mochi 

Heard from the boss that Mango Mini Mochi is one of the top seller dessert in their shop and indeed it's my favourite too. The slightly crunchy mango ice blended together with the chewy mini glutinous rice balls as well as cubes of mango made up a very pleasant dessert. Oh yah! Not forgetting the ice cream plays a part as well. 

Mango Pomelo Sago 

This is another dessert that you should try too. I love the bites of the sago and pomelo. Yum ! Yum! 

Glutinous Rice Ball in Sesame Paste 

Not really a fan of both glutinous rice ball and sesame paste. So shall not comment much and let you try it on your own and tell me how you feel. 

Mango Pancake 

Mango Pancake turned out to be quite disappointing as the mango skin was alittle too thick for my preference. However, the only noteworthy component would be the sweet mango. It would be perfect if the middle portion of the cream to be replaced with vanilla ice cream. 

When Red Bean Soup & Grass Jelly was served on our table, all of us were taken aback as we did not see any red bean soup but only the blended ice. Nevertheless, I still like the grass jelly. 

 Durian & Thai Glutinous Rice

DURIAN - my favourite.  If you were to give me everything with it, I will definitely smile happily to you. Plus point for the shaved ice is the additional of the vanilla which makes it tastes so differently. 

Glutinous Rice Ball in red bean soup 

Didn't manage to eat any of the glutinous rice ball as I don't really like it. But heard from the other bloggers that it's really good. Beside the glutinous rice ball, red bean soup is always really nice which I personally like it alot (: 

If you're interested in Du Du Dessert
you can visit their website

20 Trengganu Street (Facing Smith Street)
#01-01G Singapore 058479
Tel: (65) 9645 7757

Lastly, my exams had finally ended and I can smell freedom! 
I know I look damn sleepy , I shall have a good night sleep today !

Thanks for reading. 



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