Friday, 26 April 2013


There are quite a number of websites rewarding people with incentives by sharing it on Facebook/ Twitter or even just by travelling.

To make sure you guys are not missing out, below are some examples that I'm aware of. Do share it with me if you happen to find more ~

1. Gushcloud/ GUSHAD

Gush Ad is actually an online social media marketing and advertising platform. You will be rewarded with $$ when you tweet/share/doing survey/follow the different campaigns that they have. 

2. ChurpChurp

Similar to GUSH AD where you can share the campaign and enjoy cash rewards but their social sharing campaigns will reward you by the number of unique clicks generated from the link. 

3. Insinc 

If you are those frequent traveler who always take MRT or LRT for your transport, I would suggest you to join INSINC. You will get to earn more points if you travelling during off peak and the points are used for cash rewards back to your own ez link card. Started joining this on the End of May and I've won $4 from Insinc. 

Hope these few websites can help you to earn from small to BIG $$$ 

Night people :X 

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