Blisshouse Bloggers' Party

Bliss House, a new themed restaurant is located at The Central, Clark Quay. A place that makes me "squeals" when I entered into this secret garden which is filled with beautiful flowers, grass and simple white furniture. 

Not only just a simple dining place, there were also few couples who had made their vows in this restaurant too. Don't you think it's just so romantic and different?

As Tiffany, Jennie and I were pretty early for the event, we toured around the place and take tons of pictures. 

We were greeted by this floral carriage as we entered in.  

Jennie had so many ideas of taking pictures in this restaurant and so here's one example of what she suggested. HAHA! We took quite a few times to succeed because I can't stop laughing while looking at Tiff.

An overview of this place and it is really huge. 
This place really give me a very relaxing feeling upon stepping in. As you can see its all in white :D 

Heard that many couples do their ROM over here and so we decided to act as one by signing the documents.
I'm married to both Tiffany and Jennie HAHAHA!

There are actually two areas, the garden and the house. And in this 'dreamy' house, there's a white grand piano.

It's been long since I played the piano although I have one though. But the feeling was totally different when you are playing on this grand piano. 

It's so fun to play with the masks ! 

 Pretty wedding gowns ~ 

We were all served with cocktails and some tapas in this blissful garden 

After making our tummy happy, we went on to Jewellery making course.
And YES, you did not hear wrongly. BlissHouse do host the Jewellery Making Course every Sunday (3 - 5pm). It costs $45 per pax with course materials and a choice of 1 beverage (soft drink or coffee/tea). Do contact 97211321 for registration and enquiries if you're interested. 
Threading was definitely not my thing as I had been struggling to understand how this thing really work. GUESS WHAT? I had been re-doing this whole thing for countless of times. 

After quite some time, I managed to complete half of it and went home to continue the remaining. And I'm definitely satisfied with my end product :D 
How do you think? 

All in all, I feel that BlissHouse is another one good option that you could hold a birthday parties. A place to mingle with your friends and family to indulge in sumptuous modern European cuisine in this cozy and beautiful environment. 


BlissHouse Theme Restaurant 
The Central, #03-21
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore (059817)

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