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JU DIAN (聚点) located at Kreta Ayer Shop Houses, 14 Smith Street is a restaurant that serves up a diverse menu of Chinese dishes from different parts of China. 

In addition, for those who are usually hunting for places to fill your tummy during midnight, here might be the place that you're looking for as they open late till 2am. 

WIFI access in this restaurant too!
You can simply request the password from the waiter/waitress over there. 

Upon stepping in, this restaurant gives me a very cozy feeling to dine in. 

I like how some of their drinks are freshly made with no additional colouring/flavouring or even syrup for their fruit juices/ smoothie / Ice Lemon Tea and Lime Juice. 

Alcohol can also be found in the drinks menu such as Vodka, Tequila Shots, Johnny Walker Black, Jack Daniels and more

Enough of drinks and now I shall present the first dish to you guys. 
Hot & Sour Soup ($8.80)
I like the fact that the soup is rich and filled with healthy tofu and mushrooms. This is definitely a good appetizer to start with, its pleasant sour with a tinge of spicy taste increases one's appetite. 
I had 2 small bowls of it !! HAHA 
* Recommended for 3- 4 persons. 

Grilled Scallops ($15.80/ 4pcs)

This grilled scallops tastes so heavenly , the scallop is succulent and not dry!!  

Kung Pao Chicken ($12.80)

A dish that is stir-fry with chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chili peppers.
To me, this is this dish that would be best accompany with a bowl of rice as it is quite saucy which you can seen from the picture. 
Overall, I like how the peanuts are mixed with the other ingredients as it adds a wonderful crunch/texture to this dish.

Dry Fried French Beans ($8.80)

Crunchy vegetables for you? You can simply treat it like a snack.

Pork Roll with Cucumber ($8.80)

After eating this, I could feel a burning sensation on my lips. No kidding! 
I would suggest you to remove the top part that was on the pork roll if you don't take spicy foods. However, in my opinion this dish was a little too salty.

Duck Salad ($10.80)

If you're looking for something healthier, they also offer salad such as 'Duck Salad'. I'm not really sure of what sauce they are using, but it is definitely healthier than thousand island. 

Crispy Pork Slices ($18.80)

This crispy pork slices are sweet which I personally like it. However, I would prefer the meat to be chicken instead for a more tender bite. 

Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs ($19.80)

Just by looking at it, this dish makes me drool and feeling hungry while I was doing a write-up on this blogpost. These savory and succulent ribs are yummy! 

Not forgetting to end the meal with desserts. A pity that there are not much desserts to choose from. But we had something quite special..
I'm not sure if you have seen or tried this dish before, but this is my first time trying it and I was pretty amazed!
Read on...

Toffee Apple ($8.80)

Toffee Apple is a dessert that uses apples and covered with hard toffee coating/ honey. To start eating this, you have to dip it on the cold water to harden the coating which was shown below which makes me feel amazed about it.
To be truth, it's pretty nice but can be quite sick if you eat too many as they are very sweet. 

If you're interested: 
Judian 聚点
Located at:
Kreta Ayer Shop Houses,
14 Smith Street, S(058928)
Tel: 62225166
Email: xiangguolila@gmail.com


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