This is my second visit to Domino's Pizza.
Read my first visit if you have not done so

 Psst.. I have special promotion for you guys
Due to the popular demand, Domino's has now extended the double deal 
promotion till April 21, 2013.

PLUS, you can also get to add extra cheese with no extra cost on 4 of the most popular pizzas. 
I can hear you 'WOW'. 
Isn't it so affordable?

Before introducing their 4 popular pizzas to you guys, let me show you some facts 

* Domino's allow you to place your orders 7 days in advance 
* GPS tracker is available via website and iphone app, this will allow the consumer to view their status of their orders 
* FREE delivery + NETT pricing 
* 30 minute delivery guarantee and 15 minute takeout guarantee 

Do remember to download Domino's application in your iphone to enjoy 
free Chocolate Lava Cake and regular Pizza. 

 100% Mozzararella Cheese with Green & Red Pepper, Cherry Tomato, 
Mushroom, Ripe Olive and Pineapples 

Don't really enjoy eating most of the ingredients in it, so no comment for it :D 

 100% Mozzararella Cheese with Succulent Smoked Chicken Breast,
 Fresh Onions and Mushrooms 

  100% Mozzararella Cheese and Generous potion of Pepperoni

 100% Mozzararella Cheese with Succulent Smoked Chicken Breast, 
Chicken Ham and Juicy Pineapples 

Hawaiian pizza has always been one of my favourites and on top of that that, it was served with  thin crust which makes me totally fall in love with it. 


"Double the Value, Double the Pizzas"
You can get to choose on 4 popular pizzas shown above and enjoy 
2 Regular pizzas for only $22.
Also available for 2 Large pizzas @ only $33

For more information on menu, online promotions and delivery coverage areas 
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