[Food Review] Joe's Kitchen - Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine has always been one of my favourite because I enjoy eating spicy foods.
Be it 'Tom Yum Ban Mian', 'Chilli Crab', ' Tom Yum Fried Rice' 
Joe's Kitchen is definitely a place that you should not miss out 
and I'm glad that I was given this opportunity to try it out ! 
This humble eatery is situated in Bukit Merah Lane 1, opposite Alexandra Hospital

Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01- 182 
Singapore 150125 

Although this place wasn't that big and may look ordinary to you , this is definitely a place that you can experience authentic thai food which is prepare and cook by Joe's. He is a thai and a chef by profession who worked for Parkway Thai Restaurant as a chef before.

Enough of saying and now I'm going to make you drool. 

Before eating, let us drink a cup of Thai Iced Tea ($2) to refresh ourselves plus a group photo. 

First up, Mango Salad to kick-start our appetite and it was refreshing good : D 
Price: $6.50 

Tom Yum Soup 
Price: $4 / $8.90 / $12.90

To me, it was a little spicy and I feel that perhaps they should allow customers 
to choose the level of spiciness. And of course with its fiery,non-oily and slightly sour soup broth, your appetite  will definitely be increased

Thai Prawn Cake (per piece) - $2.30 

Who don't love fried food? 
I'm sure most of us do yay...
This prawn cakes has a very nice springy consistency with a very 
well-mixed marination that result in nice fragrant when I eat it. 

Black Olive Rice 

Price: $8/$12/$16
A very nice and fragrant Black Olive Rice mixed together with the almond. 
Jamie (Chef Joe's Wife) was very kind to help us separate into 6 small bowls.

Broccoli with Oyster Sauce 
Price: $8/$12 

Greens for anyone?
 The vegetables are nicely stir- fry but I don't usually recommend people to order vegetables as I personally feel that they should try out something different which is more worth

Steamed Fish Bass 
Price: $18

I always love fish that is being steamed because it will let you 
savour the freshness and natural sweetness of it than deep-frying.
And, I can say this fish is fresh because there is no strong fishy smell.
I love the gravy too. 

Claypot Crab with Vermicelli 

Price: $18 (per crab)

Out of all the dishes, I love this the best because I love eating Vermicelli.
Can you see the huge amount of Vermicelli (: 
And of course not forgetting the female crab, the shell was quite soft which I can easily
 cracked it using my own teeth. 

To end off the dinner, 
we had Thai Red Ruby ($3) and Tapioca with coconut milk ($4) for desserts.

With Joe's and his wife (Jamie) and the other 3 bloggers (Karen, Regina and Jasmine) 

We definitely enjoyed the dinner very much :D 

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