Thursday, 21 March 2013


Cloistered away at Jalan Kelulut off Yio Chu Kang Road, 
Orchid Live Seafood is an option especially for seafood lovers.
 Although Orchid Live Seafood restaurant may not impress anyone at first due to their 'ulu' location and modest appearance, but with the dozens of celebrity photos 
on the glass facade, it will surely make passer-by to take a look at it.  

As we had about 8 of us, Chef Steven introduced to us the
 6-8 special promotion dishes @ $288 

Let's get started .. 

First dish: Cold Crab 
I would said this is my first time trying out COLD crab and never thought 
that it can be eaten this way.
 As I thought it is usually cooked with other sauces such as black pepper, chilli. . .
Not too bad though, it is quite fresh but I don't really like the sea taste HEHE.

Second dish: Topshell Tofu (Thai Style)
The combination of the sauce and fried tofu was awesome!
 I love the sauce (sweet and mild spicy)

3rd dish: Lobster Porridge (Signature dish)

I had 2 small bowls of this dish because I just simply love the broth of this porridge. The seafood essence of the lobsters is all in it. YUMMY! 

4th dish: Mixed Vegetable 

After eating this dish, I feel that I'm putting lip gloss! 
This is just based on my own opinion, too oily for me though. 

5th dish: Steven Chicken

I'm sure its both children and adults favourite. 

6th dish: Patin Fish (H.K Steam)

7th dish: Smoked duck

When this dish was up, my first thought was 'PORK'? 
HAHA! This smoked duck was quite salty though.

8th dish: Wasabi Mayonnaise Prawn

Fried prawns for you? 


Happy me :D

Orchid live Seafood is a good place where you can hold a birthday party or any celebration
 because their place is big.

KTV room as well !

With Elgena, Chef Steven and Shirley 

Thanks Chef Steven ! 

If you are interested,
Orchid Live Seafood 
Seletar Hills Estate, 
16 Jalan Kelulut, (S)809033


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  2. I have never tried their top shell before. I like their Steven Chicken and Lobster Porridge! They used to be located near Khatib Camp in Yishun, sounds like they have moved.

    1. You should try their top shell tofu then :D