Wednesday, 20 March 2013

CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2013

Thanks to Elgena, this is my first time stepping into Singapore club @ Zouk for that night. 
We reached around 7.40pm and there were quite a crowd in there awaiting for the event to be started. 

Greeted by 2 'Ang Mo' holding on to the Playboy pillow.
So took a chance to take picture with them :D 

The 2 Emcee for that night! 

A total of 5 games involved in that night, scroll down and check out 

1st Game: SPRAYING
The girls had to spray the party foam on the Cleo Bachelors back while doing push-up ..

2nd Game:  Limbo Dance 
I'm sure most of us should be familiarised with this game (:  

3rd Game: DANCE
- Gangnam Style 
- Freestyle 
- Belly dance 

Instead of Belly dancing, 
I think it's more like a pole dance to me because he was treating the girl like a pole.

4th Game: Find the Watch
This game involved the girl to be blind-folded while the fake watch was then pasted on any part of the guy's body. Instead of using their hands, the girls had to use their mouth to sense it and take out the stickers (watch). I feel that this is the most embarrassing games as the watch was either on the chest or all the way below their navel. 

5th Game: POSE 
The emcee will name 3 different type of poses such as 

Not only games, there are also performances from the Bachelors. 

And this year the CLEO's Most Eligible Bachelors 2013 goes to Joshua Tan! 

Good night everyone and thanks Elgena for the pictures :D 

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  1. Thks for your note in FB & pleasure to meet u too at the event! Looks like u'd fun & the guys are gorgeous! U gals must be drooling. Hahaha! Hope to see u @ Luxury Haven!