Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wan Chai Hong Kong Kitchen

Oh gosh! My dark circles under my eyes are getting so obvious, guess I need to head to bed early more often? 
BUT, I don't think I will succeed . (heehee!)
Anw, I'm enjoying my Iced Milk tea at Wan Chai Hong Kong Kitchen with le boyf :D 
Was pretty happy that day because it's a super rare occasion to meet up on a weekdays as he is super busy ! 

Grass Jelly Milk Tea @ $3.50 and Milk Tea for me @ $3
And was quite surprised that it came with Vanilla Ice Cream :D 

This Mushroom Sauce Baked Rice came together with a bowl of 'Winter Melon' Soup shown below :D However, I feel that in curry sauce will be a better choice. 
Not sure if it's called Winter Melon HAHAHA
Correct me if I'm wrong

Soupy Soupy for me. I LOVE their Wanton, it was filled with prawn, mushrooms and some vegetables. YUMMY ! 
Price: $5.50

Wan Chai Hong Kong Kitchen
604 Sembawang Road 
#03- 12/13 Sembawang Shopping Centre 

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