Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Cocoa-B's Creation

Running out of idea to give to your love ones for or anniversary? Here... let me introduce to you 

You can simply create the one and only chocolate for your love ones as exotic as you can, such as by putting ikan bilis? Chicken Floss? or even powder like cinnamon, spices like garlic flakes and more for you to explore yourself. 

Hope you are feeling excited just like me while creating your own chocolate :D 

Firstly, choose the type of chocolate (White, Milk or Dark Chocolate)
 - ranging from sweet to less sweet  

After selecting it, you can add whatever toppings you like it (Choose up to 5 toppings).
I suggest you to add some exotic ingredients if you are daring enough because it will then show how unique your chocolate is (HEHE!) 
I created 2 chocolates - myself and for my boyf 

First Creation: Dark Chocolate + Almonds + Cranberries + Sprinkles (Balls) 
Price: $9.40 (Joy of Colours)

As this chocolate contains different colours, I decided to name it as 'Joy of Colours'.
With different colours, I believe everyone will have a little smile on their face(:

Giving this as a present for boyf, hope he like my creation. 
Dark chocolate with a little sweetness from cranberries, crunchiness from almonds ~ 

Second Creation: Milk Chocolate + Chicken Floss + Hazelnuts
Price: $8.70 (Brownish) 

See the colour and you should know why I named it as 'Brownish' :D

Verdict:  Sweet n mild Salty taste which I find it not too bad ! I like it especially with the crunchiness of the hazelnuts too :D YUM!  

For more information you can log into their website:

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