Thursday, 7 February 2013

Streetdirectory App takes you to the right place

GPS not working?
Feeling bored at home because you can't think of anywhere to go?
Heading to an unfamiliar places and need some help? 

If the above questions is a YES to some or all of the above, 
let me introduce to you 

Streetdirectory mobile app can help everyone to save time and money to get to the destination. 

Let me show you why this is an app that you should include.

1. Easy to Use 

You can easily search for any business/products and services. For example, I clicked on Women, it will then lead me to a different lists such as fashion, hair salon, Bridal Shop, Gym, beauty care. 
You can easily see a number of recommended shop once you click on your desired one. 

2. Receive latest events 

With this app, you will save alot of time. For example, under 'latest', you can easily see that on 10.54am there is an accident occurred on Commonwealth so as a driver you may want to avoid that area to prevent jam. 
You can also follow the top users like buffet deals, nightlife, buy 1 get 1 free or fleamarket. 

3. Send location or businesses to friends 

By pressing the SEND BUTTON on the top right hand corner, you can easily send to your friends by SMS or Email (It's Free)! 
You can also save any of your favourite location or business as well :D 

4. Easy to check any shopping mall directory 

You can easily search for any Shopping Mall and check out their directory to see if the one you looking are available. 
You are also allow to write comments and post photos of the place just like what I have wrote in Gurney Drive page. 

Download app in ANDROID or IPHONE

Do download your app now to know what's happening around you. 

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