Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Had our breakfast/lunch at Grand Paragon but the foods over there are not really very nice:C Nevertheless, we filled up our tummy and be prepared to our journey to LEGOLAND.

Hi to both of us (:

We reached LEGOLAND at around 10.30am and the weather was really a killing factor. Both of us kept perspiring and wanting to find a really cool shelter to hide ourselves but was thankful no raining till 5.30pm.

** Do remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat (poncho) to Legoland as the price for an umbrella costs around RM70 and raincoat RM15. (I don't think you will want to spend this amount which you can get it from KSL guardian at only RM3 for a raincoat).  And remember to charge your camera, don't be like me on the 2nd day my camera died on me. I've no choice but to take it with my phone but the graphic turns out not too bad too :D 

We were also told that the ticket is only for one-way pass meaning that if you exit from Legoland you will not be able to come in unless by permission from the staffs. 
Do take note people !

Our First Station: PROJECT X. A ride that is suitable for adult with 4 person in a cart. A very fun and exciting ride with quite a number of sharp bends. The first ride that keep me awake from the bright hot sun. 


Proceeded to play Technic Twister. Spin around and around which is suitable for the whole family to sit in with. 

Dragon's Apprentice and The Dragon 

After taking the 4 rides, we decided to take a rest and went over to LEGO Studios to watch LEGO racers 4D. You will experience wind, water spraying and even bubbles on you. Quite interesting though ! 

We also went over to MiniLand to take some pictures. All of the building are make from LEGO. 

Hello. Ms Painter 

Went over to Remote Control Boat and boyf take the lead to drive it. Saw some of the boats stuck at one corner made me laughed, but luckily no karma on us hehe :) 

Went over to The Cafe to have our tea break. We ordered a cup of Mocha (RM 7.50) and Baked Meat Potato (RM 9.50) which I feel that the prices are still quite reasonable . 

Lego Rescue Academy.
This game was quite tiring and hilarious as we need to keep pumping the thing in order to allow the vehicle to move to the end point so that we can put out a simulated "blaze" and save the day! HAHAHAHA. 

We won ! 

Overall, the trip to Legoland was quite fun with boyf but the rides over there are quite little for adults. A place that will be more recommended for family with kids around. 

And, we ended our trip to Malaysia with our dinner at Old town just outside LEGOLAND.
Nasi Lemak, Asam Laksa, Mocha and Teh Tarik for RM33

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