Wednesday, 2 January 2013

GOODBYE 2012, HELLO 2013

2012 had been a great year to me. 

During July - August , I'm able to travel to London, Paris and Uk which I would never expect myself to be able to go to those countries. Thinking of it, I really missed the fun, shopping and of course the staying with my uni mates (Cooking, washing clothes , feeding swans and etc). Below are some amazing pictures taken from the trips. 

Mario Team won the amazing race

The Foods that we cooked together :D

Worked at Comex and had an awesome birthday celebration with my family, friends and bf.

Together with my bff , we went to join California fitness for 6 weeks and it was indeed a good experience.
We fall in love with boxing :D

Went to DartSoul which I think this place is a good place to hang out. 

Attended dress event ( Pretty Dresses - Occasion ) and gotten myself a pretty baby blue dress.

Won myself an iPad from Axerpro  which I would never even think of it .

I hope 2013 will be a better and exciting year ahead

2013 Resolution:
1. Good Health
2. Good results to Graduate
3. Explore other different countries
4. Able to get a flat
4. More Money !

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