Monday, 7 January 2013

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Make-up Remover

Previously, I've been using Biore cleaning Oil-in cotton as my make up remover . However, as I'm not those person who will be doing a full make-up, thus this seem wasted for me. Wiped ---> Throw. However, after trying out another make up remover which is the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Makeup Remover, I fall in love with it. It contains super-hyaluronic acid which will help replenish essential moisture and improve on dry skin. A very mild acidic level which is gentle to skin and not feel irritate to your eyes. 

All you need is a bottle of Hada Labo Make- up remover and a cotton to make your face clean .. 

Let's check out the product .. 

Can you see the a drop of make up remover shown below? It is translucent and in liquid form. This product is a water based formula which will not leave any greasy or tight feeling after use. 

1. A drop of Hada Labo Make up on my hand 
2. Eye-liner 
3. Concealer 

After rubbing for about 2-3 times using the cotton pad, you can see that the eye-liner and concealer almost gone. Thus , from  the picture below , it works extremely well on foundation product. 

My Verdict: 
Overall, I feel that this is an affordable make-up remover which I can use for many months as a light make up user like me. Most importantly, this product does not irritates my eyes when I'm using it . This product can be easily purchase at Waston, Guardian or even SASA. A very affordable make up remover which is around $17.90 for 200ml. It's a super good buy. 

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