Thursday, 10 January 2013

GINVERA SPA Whitening Shower Scrub

Wanted to have a silky skin?
Body that smells really nice all day? 
Let me share with you GINVERA SPA Whitening Shower Scrub

From my opinion, all 3 Shower Scrub smell really nice and after using it, you will surely love yourself even more. Sometimes when using certain shower  products or even doing some exercise, my back will start to have some aches :C However, after using this product, it helps to minimise my skin blemishes  which I feel that it works very well on my skin!! This shower scrub has fallen into one of my favourite lists as well :D 

Read on and find out which product I like the most :D

Lavender Relaxing Shower Scrub

I personally like this alot because LAVENDER is my favourite. I love how it can give me the calmness feeling everytime I smell it. Based on what it stated, it can also help prevent body odour even after perspiration. *** So those active people, grab one and try ! Furthermore, it is infused with Ginvera's Bio Mineral Acid (BMA), which contains minerals to help prevent dryness skin. 

Green Tea Massaging Shower Scrub

Green tea lover? This is for you. 
With the Green Tea essence presence it will help protect skin from harmful radicals.
Other Active ingredients:
Tea Tree Leaf: Clear skin blemishes like back acne
Jojoba Beads: Provides intense moisture
Ginseng: Works as skin tonic to maintain skin's youthfulness
Bio Mineral Acid (BMA): Moisturises and nourishes skin

Or this for you?

SPA Whitening Shower Scrub Apricot

This special shower scrub is enriched with Apricot, Sunflower and Orange to provide you a refreshing and pampering experience.

Sniff Sniff. It's so fragrant how I wish I can pour it all over me (:

Can you see the purple colour beads on my hand? This is from the Lavender Relaxing Shower Scrub Bottle 

After scrubbing it , I can see my dead skin and it leaves my hand feeling soft and smooth after washing.

Available at almost all outlets, I'm using my second bottles already ((: 


  1. Are these body scrubs for daily use or used only 1-2 times a week?

    1. Hi Hana, I believe it's for daily use :D