Friday, 25 January 2013

Optrimax 5 day plan

Ever experience that your jeans/pants can no longer zip up? 

Feeling very vexed and wanted to lose some weight? 

Don't worry and let me introduce you something



optrimax 5 day plan
A product that can help you lose up to 2kg in just 5 days with the smoothie itself. 

Attended this event last week and I had really a good experience at there.
optrimax provides a range of effective weight management products that are suitable to everyone as they are gentle because they work simply by optimising body processes. 

optrimax 5 day plan product contains a wide combination of natural foods , enriched with enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics with naturally rich in phytonutrients as well as 
>10g of fibre.  

Let's lose some weight before CNY~

Over there, we also learned to make some Hands-on Salad. 
A picture with Joyce, Dr. Doreen Tan and Maybeline. 
Dr. Doreen Tan has a really good complexion, you will totally not believe me if I reveal her age. 

Let's check out what does the product contains.. 
1. PUNCH: 
Fresh whole fruits (Papaya, Pineapple, Apple, Guava, Kiwi and Red Grape) are fermented fully together not only to impart the taste but also to enhance the nutritional value. Rich in fructo - oligosaccharides to promote intestinal flora balance. 

2. Zyme 
A perfect combination of selected probiotics, prebiotics and trace nutrients to help promote healthy digestive system, protect liver and also reduce cholesterol. 

3. VG MIX 
Nature’s wholesome mix — veggie greens, grains and a whole lot more!

A well Rounded Nutrient Source which provides you lots of nutrients that your body required 

Direction of use:

Remember to drink about 400ml of water first once you get up 

In order to obtain a tasty Smoothie Shake, 300ml of iced water with a sachet of VG Mix, Punch and Zyme will be used to prepare the mix. 


and you are ready to drink :D

My Verdict: A very thick smoothie mix which reminds me of thick cereal? The taste was quite acceptable but do remember to keep it chilled for a better taste :D Drink it and the next day you will feel good about yourself. 

Not forgetting a little small snack to reward yourself : The Plum Delite 

Pickled plum that contains with probiotics, green tea and pu-er tea mix 

There are also many successful stories after taking the optrimax 5 Day plan which you can see from their website.

Are you up for the challenge?
Even if you are not planning to slim down, you can also consume this product to help you in detoxing especially those who always eat junk foods. 

For more information about their product you can visit:

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