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Do your love games, fashion, accessories or gadgets? If so, Why not click into their website at, a website that is easy to navigate. is a premium online entertainment shopping website which offers you wide varieties of products at a reasonable price.  Scroll down below and I will tell you why should you visit


To me, I feel that their website is easy to navigate because you can easily view the Shop, Sale and Auction pages at the main. In this case, you will be able to see which products are selling fast, which auction finishing soon or even able to see what amazing sales is going on (: *Wink 

Another reason why I like about their website is that it won't pop out anything to make people into subscribing or registration   [:

       Let me show you some facts and BEHOLD

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Retail: S$998
Last Sold For: S$16.72

Nikon DSLR D510 
Retail: S1199
Last Sold For: $17.98

Are you feeling the kick? 
Why not just join in the fun at their Auctions and you may probably be the next one to get those amazing prices. 

Steps shown below :

* A much more detail guide can be found at't that thrilling and easy (: I personally find some of the auction products attractive. 


Hurry, and don't miss any chance and get the best deals.Dislike the thrill of the chase? Don't worry. has added 2 new e-commence which includes Shop and Sale sites. Plus, there will be free shipping for the month of September. Scroll down and let me tell you more about these 2 new sites. Shop

Let's us look at some of the latest products from

Anything you like? If not, don't worry. 
They have many different kinds of items ranging from electronics such as cameras, headphone, speakers or accessories or household like kitchenware and even gifts for your love ones and family. 

Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera - Red
Anyone want to buy for me at $148.00. 
Plus this product should be shipped within 2 working days after payment. 
Hiak hiak !! 

Oh yah ! Children day is coming. 
Let me introduce to you 
Super Mario Bros Sound Bank Retro Surprise only $15. 
This is pretty interesting as the cute bank will play sounds when any coins is inserted. In this case, any parents can then teach their children a fun way to save money $$$$. 

Super Mario Bros Sound Bank Retro Surprise*

How to purchase?
- Click on the cart that is next from the item that you like. 
- Check out and fill up your billing address 
- Payment can be done via Mastercard or Visa
- Be prepared to receive your item within 14days : D 

Feel like buying but fear of getting faulty/ not satisfied items from online? I'm sure most of you will face this problem. BUT, with items purchased from shop, you can put at ease because they provide a fuss free return policy. This means that, if you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can return your order within 7 days of purchase for a full refund. SOUND GREAT? SALES 

Loves SALES? I'm sure most of us will raise up both of your hands! Sales offers amazing products up for sales everyday with limited time frame and quantity. So don't miss the chance, and do visit to their website at

Before proceed to ( Sales), here are some facts that you should know. 

* Sale products will be up for LIMITED TIME and LIMITED QUANTITY

* Sale period will end when it is out of stock or time up

* Once item is added to the shopping cart, a 15 mins time frame to purchase the item

* All product warranty (if any) will be passed to you directly from supplier

* The product can be returned within 7days of receiving the product if there's any defect. 

Any Hello Kitty Fans? 

Hello Kitty XP1000KT Charger

Retail: $89
Sale: $79

So don't hesitate and remember to visit their website and enjoy your online experience with them. Psst.. there will be free shipping for all orders over $150 as well. 

Last but not least, thanks for the amazing night with drinks and canapes at Hummerstons. Not forgetting, by giving me the opportunity to experience's brand new entertainment shopping website firsthand!

Great fun at launch party : D 

For more information do visit


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