Monday, 3 September 2012


Have been eyeing for a camera for quite sometime and my boyf had decided to purchase for me a new camera for my birthday ! Therefore the new toy that I have picked up from COMEX 2012 was Nikon CoolPix L510 in red colour. The usual price was $739 but I got it at $679 : D I'm a happy girl for now definitely. Other than that, I've gotten 2X 16gb SD card, 1 cleaning kit,  Tripod, card reader, camera case, En-el 5 battery and 3 LCD Screen protector. 

I love this camera very much especially with their awesome red colour. It is built in with GPS function which it can be able to locate the country when u snap any picture. And of course, it allows 42X zoom which you can really zoom very far but yet the picture still turn out clear and nice. Below are two pictures that I took which I had also bought from COMEX 2012 ; Paul frank @ only $11 and small speaker @ only $9.90. Don't you think the pictures look super clear ? Plus, no edit was involved and I just purely snap it. 

Besides the camera, the above speaker that was sponsored by my friend as a birthday gift was also worth buying. The sound system was pretty amazing that I had never expected it @ such a cheap price ($9.90). Overall, I would say that I am happy with all my birthday items : D

PS: Sorry for the messy background : D 

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