Sunday, 26 January 2014

Are you sufficiently insured? - More than half of the Singaporeans do not

"I'm strong like a bull and nothing will happen to me, I don't need any insurance plans". Have you ever thought of this similar sentences before? I feel that you personally have to think about it again. Do you guarantee that you will always be healthy as always? 

I believe most of you guys have heard of horror story. I always remind my friends the importance of insurance especially the impact when I see my friend died of accident, parents suffered from stroke, heart attack etc.

All these unexpected events remind me that life is vulnerable, don't always wait till incidents occur before applying insurance as you might not be able to get the cover.


No matter what happened to us be it illness or death, our dependents (parents, spouse, children, grandparents etc) would not have to change their lifestyles so much. No doubt, critical illness will consume a large amount of money (recovery money/income due to stop work, hospital bills).

Have you plan your life insurance policies already?

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