Monday, 19 November 2012


Have been quite sometime since I last seen my Secondary School mates. As suggested by Emmo, we decided to head down to TOM YUM KUNGFU. 

It's actually a Thai restaurant that does not have service charge or GST [: If I'm not wrong, I think we chosen the 2 sets of $38 (Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ). The ingredients can be seen below. 

So what are we waiting for? COOK n EAT

My verdict: Their meat was extremely tasty, succulent and not forgetting their Chilli sauce (slightly spicy piquant) that rose my appetite. Not only that, I liked their soup as well. 

After eating, we went 'SAUCE' @ Esplanade to chill out. 

After drinking this Asahi Premier Beer, my face becomes red as a tomato - as usual. It's only 4.5%, that's why I don't really like drinking alcohol. 

And lastly- My girls :D 

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