Thursday, 8 November 2012

New launched 'SAMBAL PIZZA' from DOMINO's

Are you feeling excited/curious when you saw the words 'SAMBAL PIZZA' on the title of my post? Don't worry ! I've also experienced the same feeling as you guys when I received this invitation. 

'SAMBAL' has always been one of my favourite be it in fish, prawns or any other foods. So I bet that their new launched SAMBAL PIZZA from Domino's will be one of my favourite lists as well. 

Let's not wait furthermore and allow this 'Straw hat Girl' to show you their PIZZAS... 

Recently, Domino's Pizza, the world's leading pizza delivery company introduces their four scrumptious pizza that comes together with a new sauce known as "SAMBAL". Their spiciness of the sauce is well accepted by most of the Asian as it is quite mild. 
 Rate: 2/5 

1. Traditional Sambal - BEST SELLER

This has been one of their BEST SELLER and also my FAVOURITE ones. 
Topped with shredded chicken, anchovies, fresh onions, pickled chili and green peppers. The reason why I prefer this is because of the crispness & fragrant from the anchovies plus it matches with the new sauce extremely well. 


2. Sambal Surf & Turf*

What's inside? Succulent Prawns marinated in herbs and spices, Shredded Chicken, Fresh Onions, pineapple, red pepper and Basil. YUMM YUMM!

3. Sambal Veggie 
Feeling sinful? Properly you will feel much better with all veges inside. 
Introduce you the SAMBAL VEGGIE that is topped with fresh mushrooms, green pepper, onions, olive and tomatoes. 

4. Tropical Sambal Prawn*

This comes with succulent prawns that is marinated in herbs and spices, fresh onions, pineapples, red peppers and basil. 

AND of course, all four pizzas comes with their new and authentic sambal sauce. 

Domino's Sambal Pizzas comes in all sizes 

* From my opinion, I will go for Crunchy Thin Crust for my Sambal Pizza [: 
There will an additional surcharge of $3 (regular), $4 (large), $5 (extra large) for the pizza that i listed *. 

They also offer incredible meal that only cost @ $25 (SAVE $8.40) which includes:
1 Sambal Pizza
1 Garlic Cheese Onion Rings
1 Caramel Sticky Dessert or Chocolate Lava Cake 

Not only that, they also allow customers to enjoy the Authentic Add-on Bonus of 1 Regular pizza for only $15 (Save $7.80) with any pizza purchase. WOW! You can also request to remove any ingredients that you dislike [:

Beside introducing their new launched, they also brought in some of their great snacks/ desserts to let us try.

Not forgetting,the 3 awesome girls that I met there. You can visit their blog at Jia HuiRosental and Elgena. 

So HURRY, Download the iPhone App @
or visit or you can simply dial 6222-6333 to order their delicious PIZZAS today!

Remember to log in to Domino's Pizza website for more information on their menu, online promotions and delivery coverage areas :D 

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