Today beauty product is a brand that need no introduction. Based on the picture above you should know what I'm reviewing today right? It's a brand that most of the ladies know about it. 


Laneige - Korean beauty products has been helping women to achieve clear and healthy skin for over 20 years. Psst! And do you know you can conveniently purchase at any Sephora outlet or even to their online website to shop your favourite Laneige products here! You can also get to enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders $40 or above. 

Take a look at the packaging , Laneige BB Cushion comes with inbuilt mirror , refill pack. At the price of $59 , you can get to choose the shades that best suit you. There are total 5 different shades include : 13 (True Beige), 21 (Natural Beige), 23 (Sand Beige), 31 (Brown Beige) and 33 (Coffee). As for me , I've chosen No.21 Natural Beige shade for my fair skin. 

6 different benefits includes :

1. Delivering impressive coverage 
White Plus Renew Complex it helps to brighten up the overall skin tone. With this ingredient, it will help to create a brighter and radiant complexion.

2. Hydrates the skin

3. Protects skin from UV rays - With SPF 50++ , the product can helps to protect against harmful UV rays and skin damage.

4. Soothes skin irritation - It has a soothes effect to cool the skin surface to refresh and soothes skin.

5. Water resistant to provide long-lasting make up for up to 12 hours. This is definitely good especially if you are living in Asian country.

6. Natural and clean coverage provide a fresh finish without any stickiness
Tada~ It is a liquid- soaked sponge which contain the BB Formula. Application on the face is easy with the puff provided . You just require to pat it gently on the skin and for more coverage just pat more of it because it doesn't look cakey or thick at all. 

When I  applied it on my face it provides "watery" glowy finishing on the skin. You might thought that your skin is oily at first, but hey, it's not. It's the dewy effect on your face. One thing good is that the coverage is not that thick, perfect for everyday use. So far after use, my face do not have any breakouts or any redness. 

 Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in ACID PURPLE (P48). Psst! It contains 35% of serum in it.
 I always love lipstick which is a mix of purple and pink.

Love this lipstick as the texture is amazing, it feels so smooth and hydrating with a pretty shine.

Do you know that skin surrounding the pores will become enlarge due to stress and environmental pollution ? Furthermore, with makeup residue it will also worsen the problem. Therefore, in order to tackle the problem to help restore the elasticity to skin and clear clogged pores. Laneige came out with a new skin care - Mini Pore Waterclay mask to solve the issue.
With the Shinan mud clay mixed into a moisture gel cream base, this will help to remove sebum and also help tightens pores and also to hydrate the skin. I used a facial brush for easy apply on my skin.
Laneige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask, 70ml ($38) when applied dries up very quickly. After about 10 minutes ( when the mask dries up) or when spots of sebum forming (which I circle it), do rinse it off with water and apply toner.
Use the sponge provided (rinse with water) for better effect to remove whiteheads/blackheads more thoroughly. My skin felt tighter immediately after using the mask.

Comes with a pretty blue tub, frosted matte exterior for this beauty product. It also provide with a spatula for hygienic usage. Water sleeping mask has evolved into a functional sleeping mask that hydrate, soothe the skin as you sleep. 

The effective ingredients help to forms a porous moisture film to lock in moisture and to deliver deep into the skin throughout 8 hours. With clinical proven, those who used it for seven days, have a improvement in skin moisture. Most of my friends who used this products also keep praising this product. 
The product has a pleasant scent that is not overwhelming which definitely provide you a good sleep. Based on the photo above, you can see that the texture is gel-like and it's super lightweight.  
It spreads easily on the skin ad absorbed quickly when I applied it. Before bedtime, take an appropriate amount and dab it on the nose tip, cheeks, forehead and chin. Gently spread the mask over the mask and leave it overnight.

Woke up in the morning feeling good on my skin, I don't feel oily at all. 
Recommended usage : Twice or thrice a week. 
If you're interested in checking them out, head down to any Sephora outlet or go to their online website @ SEPHORA.SG
Shop your favourite Laneige products here!

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