Guo Da Li
Other than having wedding banquet or tea ceremony to celebrate the special day, another important part not to miss is the betrothal ceremony , otherwise known as "Guo Da Li".  It is the day where important formal meeting between both families and also the say to show the groom's sincerity.

The items used for Guo Da Li usually come in pairs and when you google it there are many different items.

As for my mother , she wanted to keep it simple so she only requested as of below:
** Click on the no.1, 2 and 6 to find out the link.
1. One pair of dragon and phoenix candies --> Bought it from Ezbuy
2. Ping Jin (Red packet ) --> Big Hong Bao can be found at Ezbuy
3. Golden Pig (On actual day)
4. Hard liquor or wine
5. 12 Oranges 
6. Wedding cakes --> From sweetestmoments

Hui Li, The returning of gifts

The bride's family will also return usually half of the gifts ti the groom's side. This is known as Hui Li which signifies that the bride's family accept the gifts and willing to share the joy. 

The Dowry includes (Click on some of the items below to find out the link from Ezbuy):

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