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Thank you for those who have been visiting my blog although I haven't been updating it for quite some time. Anyway, from the title above, today I will be talking about Air Connection. About few weeks back, I had this opportunity to do a review for an air-con servicing company (Air Connection). 

Are you guys facing the problems that I mentioned above? Feeling frustrated as the air-con are not working? 

Then you might consider Air Connection to help you solve all the problems. Residential air conditioners is recommended to be serviced and checked every 3 months so as to provide the following benefits such as electrical consumption of the air conditioning equipment will be lower, air con leaking will be reduced, air-con equipment lifespan will be prolonged and you will also require lesser need for air-con repair. Thus, with regular maintenance and servicing is definitely a cost-saving practice. 

For my case, I did not feel the cool air from the air-con even if I run it for a few hours(1-2hrs). The professional air-con technicians from Air connection started to service the air-con after knowing what goes wrong. There were two of them and one did the maintenance while the other did the cleaning of the air- con parts. 

He did a thorough cleaning job of washing the cool coil and make sure that the toilet will be still clean as before. 

Within 30 minutes, the air cons were done but I realised that one of the room air-con still faced the same problem after they left. Therefore, I 'whatsapp' them and they replied me almost instantly and quickly came over to my house based on my request. This time round all the air-cons are blasting cool air. Thumbs up for their quick service. 


Air Connectiom
72 Eunos Ave 7
Singapore Handicrafts Building
 #06-09, Singapore 409570

Tel: +65 96374287

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  1. It’s true that people have to perform regular maintenance on their air-cons, as it will not only prolong the life of the unit, they can also find possible problems and have it fixed before something worse happens. Anyway, I am impressed that they responded to your problem that quickly. It’s really handy to have a reliable repair guy within phone’s reach. Thank you for recommending your air-con service of choice, Rui!

    Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Philadelphia


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