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Today blog entry is something different which is not related to foods nor beauty. I'm sure you already know what it's about from the title above yay? Perhaps those who have already gone through their mandatory military training are reflecting back (:

All thanks to Jennie and Steph, I was invited by MINDEF to take a look on what our boys are going through during their training. I personally don't usually interested in 'NS' topic where my guys friends would usually talked about it. I will just feel 'bored' about it as I can't relate to their topic at all. Thus, I'm really happy to be able to join this event to find out more~ 

Together with Jennie and Jessie, we went to Singapore Army Museum (first meeting point) which is just beside Singapore Discovery Centre. As we are the first few one, we started off by choosing our army themed manicures.

(credit to MINDEF)

I chose the third set without the army boy and I really love the end result. 

I like the stripes that she created on my fingers. After the manicures, we boarded a bus and went off to tour around at Office Cadet School. 

(credit to MINDEF)
Obstacle Course 

We girls were so lucky to see a group of NS men donned in uniform being briefed before their shooting.

Before firing, we were all warned that it will be very loud and to me it's kinda sounded like firecrackers. It was definitely an awesome experience and I hope I could also try it out :D 

Below show a really short 10 seconds clip to let you 
experience and enjoy with~ 

After the live firing, we then proceeded to their ceremonial hall where the officers take their oath. 

Next up,

After all the touring, we went back to Army Museum and one of the female regular brought ask around. 

These are all the gifts from other countries 

Finally it's LUNCH TIME. We had a really good bonding session together with the regulars and definitely salute to those who swore to protect the country. 

After the lunch, we went over to play the shooting stimulation game and we really got to hold onto the real M16 and SAR21 rifles. I must admit M16 was really tough and my aiming cannot really make it. HAHA! 

Overall, it's really a great experience.

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