Fullhouse Signature @ Clark Quay (1 For 1 Promotion)

Fullhouse Theme Cafe previously located at Rendezvous Hotel (Franchise) has already closed down. BUT, not to be disappointed as the themed-restaurant is back again right in SINGAPORE! They are no longer called Full House Theme cafe but Fullhouse Signature and is located in Clark Quay.

Thanks to Mapwerks and Fullhouse Signature for having me to this Food Tasting Session. 


Let me bring you on a mini tour first 

Together with Jessie, we took a picture with the four main characters at FullHouse Signature -Daddy Thomas, Mummy Tracy, children Tiffani and Tony 

Together with Princess Tiffani 
That's  Mummy Tracy! 

Garden section 

There are wedding gowns over at one of their corner where you can purchase or try on.

Their cosy sofa place


Watermelon Lychee ($7)

Cream of Forest Mushroom ($9)

Drizzled with drops of mesmerising truffle oil and topped with cream on the generous amount of mushroom chunks soup was a great start of the meal.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks ($11)

If you are a cheese fan, you will appreciate these Crunchy Cheese Sticks (Mozzarella). Eat it while they are still hot, so that the yummy cheese is savoured and delish. 

Italian Meatball ($17)

To begin, it's really a big meatball that contains about 5 in a bowl. The Italian meatball didn't entirely entice me, but I do enjoy the melted cheese on top of the meatball!

Golden Crabmeat Ball ($11)

This Crabmeat ball was a tad dry for me but dipping on the cream sauce was indeed a perfect match to eat it. 

Fullhouse Ravioli ($25)

My first time trying Ravioli and is quite a highlight for me. I just love the sauce and freshness of seafood in it. However, if the crust is slightly softer , it will definitely be a my favourite choice.

Braised Lamb Shank ($29)

Dedicated to the carnivores. The distinctive lamb smell- that you either like it or don't. As a whole, the lamb meat is tender, not the most tender but the taste still great - served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Scallop Aglio Spaghetti ($22)

For those who can take the heat, Scallop Aglio Spaghetti will tantalise your taste buds. I love this dish and can you see their fresh grilled large scallops seem like 'waving' to you. HAHA!! 

Grilled Chicken Chop with Raisin Black Pepper Sauce ($25)

Tender chicken moistened with black pepper sauce is incredible succulent and slightly crispy on the outside. My stomach is growling!!

Banana Paradise ($9)

When I first bite on the Banana, the first thing that come to my mind is 'Goreng Pisang'. HAHA!Banana and Ice cream quite a good compatible though!

 Molten Chocolate Cake ($9)

The meal concludes with my favourite Molten Chocolate Cake. However, the cake does not turned out to be what I'm expecting (oozing running chocolate) but the thick, rich chocolate cake with the melted chocolate in it made up the unsatisfactory.Together with the Vanilla ice cream is definitely the best!!

Starting from now till 10 Dec 2013
*Simply scan the QR code and show the coupon before ordering and you can enjoy this fantastic deal. 

Don't miss this chance!
Fullhouse Signature Singapore
3A Clarke Quay
River Valley Road #02-04
Singapore 179020

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