Paddington House of Pancakes at City Square Mall

Paddington house of pancakes - 100 pancakes from around the globe. Their dishes not only yummy but also value-for- money definitely make me come back for more. 

To be truth it's quite hard for me to make a decision on what main course to choose from their extensive menu. Their menu includes mains, starters, Kid's menu and desserts (sweet pancakes). They also offer savoury pancakes which are sub-divided into different origins. There are pastas as well but I will definitely recommend you to try their pancakes. 

Scroll down and see what I've ordered. 

Classic Buckleberry is a sweet and savoury option. Before eating the blueberry pancake, poured over some maple syrup to adds in more flavour to the pancakes. 

Not just any blueberry jam, this pancakes consists of real blueberry with cream cheese. In addition, scrambled eggs, beef bacon and mushrooms are served together as well. The bacon was a little salty for me and mushrooms was slightly overcooked. However, the blueberry pancakes are a MUST to make to try it - soft, fluffy, addictive, nice. 

Dollars pancake was chosen as our desserts which consist of many different types. After much thought, we decided to try out the dollars pancake that consists of Vanilla Ice cream with 4 different dips to enjoy with. All the dips matched perfectly well with their mini pancakes and I can't simply stop myself from eating it. Both boyf and me cleared this dessert very quickly even though both of us were full after eating about 3/4 of it. THUMBS UP!

Overall: 8.5/10 

Paddington House of Pancakes City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road 
Singapore 208539

Tel: 6612 9029


  1. is it affordable or a little pricey?

    1. Hi Zee,

      from my own opinion, i think it's pretty worth it. You should have a go :D


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