Day 1: Genting Highland

It's been a long time since I went to Genting Highland. The last time I went when I was just a lower primary school kid. 


Together with boyf we bought this Genting Highland Tickets from at the price of $180 (3D2N) with an additional of $65 as there were 2 days that fall on the weekends. We changed a total of $350 to RM and we spent it all for that 3D2N :D 

If you are a first-timer in Genting, read on to find out what you can do in Genting or even how you can travel down to KL from there.

We took the night bus (9.30pm) from Boon Lay Shopping Centre to Genting. It takes about 6 hours coach ride from Singapore all the way to Genting with a couple of pit stops along the way. 

Finally, we reached the destination at around 3am and both of our eyes could barely opened. Decided to approach the receptionist to ask if we could check-in earlier and to our surprise we were allowed to but have to wait till 6am. We were happy because we need not wait till 12pm before we can check in. We decided to chill at Starbucks first. 

Once we gotten our room card, we headed to our rooms to put our luggages and get some sleep before we went to explore Genting. 

Woke up with growling stomach, we decided to hunt for foods near-by and settled at a restaurant called ' NYONYA COLORS'. We ordered the Nasi Lemak Special together with a cup of Teh for me Kopi for boyf as well as 1 soft boiled egg to share. Their foods were not too bad and this costed us about RM43.

Nasi Lemak (RM13.90)
Teh (RM4.50)
Soft Boiled Egg (RM3.80)

While we were walking around, this guy performing on the stage caught our attention. He was trying to squeeze this Tennis Racket from his head all the way down to his legs. Over at Genting Highland, there are many performance such as dancing or even engaging with the audience with some games. 

Bought the 1 Day Unlimited Ride Pass for Outdoor Theme Park only at RM54. 

I love this ride as it reminded me of playing the swing when I was young. This was AWESOME! Windy and Fun. 

I was actually getting prepared to get scare but in the end this ride makes me feel so disappointed as it was only a ride with some evil laughter. LOL! 

Boyf was not really feeling well so we did not really played much in there. 

Rested awhile and we had our Dinner at Burger King. YUMMY! 

It's Ice Cream Time! 

Lastly, we decided to watched 'RED 2' to end off our day :D

Next up will be Chin Swee Temple and KL :D 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Especially night time but mainly because of the wind that makes me feel cold :D you planning to go?

  2. wa u managed to go visit the theme park on your first day. Normally i slot in for the second day so that I can go there in the morning. Heard that the movie there has osim chairs (at a diff price of cos, but still cheaper than SG)

    1. I didn't see any osim chairs over there maybe I missed it :D

  3. Looks like a wonderful place! Would love to visit too!


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