UniFem Fundraiser Event at Lotto Carpets Gallery

Lotto Carpets Gallery situated at the heart of Dempsey is a place of wonders where you can find rare and exotic carpets of different ages and designs from all over the world. 

Are you wondering what is UniFem?

UniFem stands for United Nations Development Fund for Woman Fundraiser dedicated to advancing womens rights and achieving gender equality. Therefore, in Lotto Carpets Gallery, it holds several charity auctions yearly in conjunction with many charities and non-profit organisation like Down Syndrome Association of Singapore (DSA) and UNIFEM. 

Lotto Carpets Gallery? 

Over at Lotto Carpets Gallery, you can find all sort of different carpets ranging from Antique, Classic, Contemporary and Tribal. Guessed what? 
Lotto Carpets Gallery has been passed down from over 6 generations. Since the eighties, their ancestors have been sourcing for carpets in different countries. 

I only managed to catch some of the display items for auction as it was an impromptu decision to go down. Nevertheless, it was a real eye opener that day as I have never been to any auction or gallery that holds so many different kinds of carpets. 

The auction started out with carpets followed by some furniture. The audience can also free to look at the catalog and mention anything that they would like to see in the auction. It was really a nice experience sitting down there and listened to the bidding. Do you know 1 carpet can cost about $10000 and above? 

Sorry for my tired face as I had rushed for 2 events before that . 

After the auction, I had a few chats with Mr. Imran Abid Mir who has been trained in the carpet industry since he was 7 years old. Thanks to him, my knowledge of carpet has increase. Carpet is like photographs, the more 'mega-pixels', the better the quality of the carpet. 

The largest collections of antique carpets in all Southeast Asia is right here in Singapore. If you're curious about Lotto Carpets Gallery, I would suggest you to drop by at Dempsey Road for a more insight about their carpets.

Lotto Carpets Gallery

 Blk 26 #01-04, Dempsey Road

Singapore 249686

Tel: (65) 6476 8784 / 8733
Fax: (65) 6475 8513
Web: http://www.lottocarpets.com 


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