Makeup Refinery Skincare and Makeup Workshop‏

Attended Makeup Refinery Skincare and Makeup Workshop last week conducted by Ms Sherie Chan from Makeup Refinery. 
Scroll down and check out how fun is this workshop and you can even enjoy it for FREE. 

Everything are well-prepared before our arrival with pretty pink handband, mirror, brushes .... 

In this workshop,  Ms. Sherie Chan will be using 
Mary Kay skincare and cosmetics. How I wish I'm able to pack these home (:

More infos about Mary Kay Skincare & Cosmetics range:

1. Tested for 21 months before launching of the products to the market.  This ensures the highest standards of quality, safety and performance for users.

2. Contains no fragrance except for shower cream/hand exfoliation which uses botanical extracts rather than chemical based.

3. Not tested on animals and no animals derivatives are used in its ingredients

4. Majority of its ingredients are botanical extracts and pure minerals rather than chemical based.

Let's check out what are some of the Mary Kay products that we used in this workshop and I will tell you which 2 products that impresses the most. 


Was really enjoying doing the hand spa - feeling so pampered

After the hand spa, it left me with irresistible 
smooth and supersoft skin. 

Before we move on to our face, we were provided with 
oil-free makeup remover.
Rub in a circular motion                                                                                                                 

Ms Sherie Chan applying Eye revitalizer, Eye gel and Timewise Regena Firming Eye Cream.

Timewise Eye Revitalise 
-Reduce dark circle (I simply need it due to late sleeping)

Indulge Soothing Eye gel
- Sooth tired eyes and reduce eye puffiness (Love the cooling effect)

Timewise Regena Firming Eye Cream
- Reduce wrinkles and firming effect on eyelids

And after the eye spa, we were all given eye patch to mask our eye 

We are the team of pirates! 

After the eyes, now let's us move on to pamper our face. 

With this mask, it claims to help you minimise pores size, firming effect and remove dead skin (exfoliation)
Direction: Gently rub in circular motion upwards


After pampering our eyes and face, we then continued with lip mask
Heard it before? This is my first time knowing it. 

This is to exfoliate gently on lips to reveal natural lip’s pinkish tone. Lip mask was applied on my upper lip due to a darker colour. 

Lip balm to moisturize the lips up to 6 hours. If you feel that it's abit oily, you  can gently tap away the excess. 

Although, the jaw line is not that obvious, I can see a visible improvement on my laugh line as compared with the one without the mask. Overall, I feel that my face is smooth and much more supple after all the steps that I had mentioned above.  

Hey, the workshop does not only stop here.
And now it's time for some Makeup 


We started off with some moisturize which can help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Direction: Apply upwards and avoid the eye area 

Protect your skin from uneven tone, age spots and other sun damage.
Direction: Apply downwards on whole face
Enhances foundation benefits and extends wear
Direction: Downwards

Demonstration on some basic Makeup was done on 
Jessie before we start to do it on our own.

After putting the 3 products, highlighter pen was used to apply on the forehead, nose, side of nose/lips , under eye , cheek bone and cupud's bone as well as under lower lips and laugh lines to bring out the facial features. 

A very light and natural look makeup which will not 
become cakey after a few hours. 
This product contains natural mineral source ingredients 
which are suited for all skin types.
Due to my fair skintone, I'm using Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Ivory 1
The three colours eyeshaow applied on me and lastly with lipgloss

There are so many products that I like, but if you asked about 
my 2 top favourite:

It would be Mary Kay Botanic Effect Mask and Mineral Foundation Ivory 1 

Mary Kay Botanic Effect Mask: I'm pretty impressed on the visible change on my laugh lines which I think that this product is really good. Not only me,visible improvement can also be spotted in the girls at there. 

Mineral Foundation Ivory 1: I like the fact that it gives me a very natural look. They are also not greasy on the face as well.

Overall, I really enjoy this workshop as it helps me understand on the proper technique of using skincare products. Not forgetting, Ms Sherie Chan who is patient and always question to our question when we have any doubt. 

Wanted to learn more about Makeup?
Wish to know what kind of skincare products suit your face? 
How to make Makeup lasting?
Wanted to be pretty?

If your answer is 'YES', you are in luck because you will get to redeem a FREE Skincare and Makeup workshop 
with just 2 simple steps : 

2. Email to with the subject 
(“Makeup Refinery Workshop-Rui Ying) 

Makeup Refinery 

Makeup Refinery provides offers a range of service such as beauty training, consultancy and makeup service for both different genders regardless of age. 

They are specialises in:
  • Skincare and Makeup Workshop
  • Personalised Beauty Consultations 
  • Corporate Beauty and Grooming 
  • WorkshopsBridal and D&D Makeup Services
  • Makeover Party


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