Science Centre Singapore’s Phobia Party & FunActivities.Sg

Have you been to the Phobia Party last month Science Centre? Thanks to FunActivities.Sg. I've a chance to visit Science Centre and get to enjoy the night by looking at the exhibition, playing the game station and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Let's check out the Phobia Party in Science Centre 

PHOBIA PARTY - This is a place you can get to know the different types of phobias and to challenge yourself at their Fear Challenge Stations but its psychology or physiology. 

Before entering in, the staff will explain that you might have sweaty palms and if you are scared there is a door for you to exit named as 'chicken out'. It means timid. 

Fearing of not doing well in exams with the exhibit displaying study desks contain TV panels showing clips on how to overcome it. 

A conical room designed with swirling black and white pattern. As you walk, it will get smaller and smaller into the room. 

Children with nightmares fearing that their wardrobes contain many insects and spiders. 

Fearing of clowns 

Fearing of seating roller coaster ~

After enjoying the exhibit in the Science Centre, we then head out to ECO Garden to enjoy games and food organise by FunActivities.Sg.

FunActivities.Sg is an offshoot of DoXtreme Sports, much lighter on the intensity but heavier on the laughter and experience. With many collective experiences, they assisted many corporate organisations with many blazing experiences. We are given games and food vouchers to enjoy the night. Every won games will entitle you to tickets to exchange for toys/games for you to bring home. Elgena and I got ourselves a total of 5 different smiley cushions. Check out the below pictures to see what amazing games that we saw and played. 

Have you ever seen the Big Sized Uno Card? Funactivities cleverly uses the UNO games cards to turn into a larger size for clients to play matching games. We have to get a total of 6 identical twins cards in order to win (same colour and same numerical number). You will require luck to get the matching cards because there are 6 tries for you to flip the cards. This means that you cannot have any error if you want to get all the 6 identical twins right. 
Another bigger size darts games, but instead of using tarts, they provide us with a soccer ball for you to kick and aim the bullseye. 
This time is a smaller version of ring throwing. I've tried once and I feel that this game is difficult, I simply can't get the right technique. 

Overall, I really enjoyed myself spending almost 4 hours exploring and playing games and eating. There are many games choices such as basketball, hooking ducks, bouncy playground, throwing hooks and many more that are not shown in the pictures above. 

Check out: if you are planning to organise corporate events or birthday party. 


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