Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk

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Before introducing you the new Essential products, let me show you the 5 EVIL HAIR STRESS brothers. 
Blue: Spiteful Split Ends Stress 
Pink: Cruel Combing Stress 
Yellow: Despicable Dryness Stress
Green: Badass Breakage Stress
Orange: Brazen Blow - Drying Stress 

Are you facing any of the problems above? 
Fret not! Introducing the Essential Night Care milk. It is advisable to use it after essential shampoo and conditioner for better results. 
Rich yet non greasy milk. 
In addition, ESSENTIAL NIGHT CARE MILK protects our hair from pillow friction. 

What is Pillow Friction? 
Pillow friction basically means the friction between our hair and pillow that we create when we sleep. As we will usually toss and turn when we are asleep, this results in our hair being tangled when we are awake. Therefore, Essential Night Care Milk helps to reduce the pillow friction and leave our hair smooth and manageable the next morning. 
Rich yet non greasy milk. 
Usage: Dispense an appropriate amount onto palm and apply evenly onto wet or dry hair by concentrating on mid length to tip. But of course, for a better result, ensure that your hair is completely dry before going to bed. And do not rinse it off. 

Essential CC oil : Non-greasy and invisbly light. 
I tried it and was surprisingly good, completely no greasiness on my hair. Love the product and it's so easy to bring along with me as it light and small. 
CC stands for Cuticle Care. 

Essential CC oil contains hair supplement oil to protect your hair. 

Remember the 5 evil hair stress brothers shown above? 
With the Essential CC oil, it can prevent your hair from the 5 evil hair stresses by leaving us with more manageable hair by providing a protective coat around each strand of hair to protect it.  
Applied during the day on towel-dried or damp hair. 

Essential CC oil(60ml) and Essential Night Care milk(100ml) at the price of $11.90 each. Available at all major beauty care personal stores and supermarkets. 

Combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pillow King!
And win attractive weekly prizes! =D



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